• Charles

    Ten years ago, his father-who was a treasure hunter, too-left Charles a mysterious energy gauntlet, before he left never to be seen again. In hopes of finding his father, Charles became an apprentice treasure hunter himself once he was old enough, and set out for the "Ark of Wonders" where the Treasure Society was said to be found. On his path through the world of treasure hunters, Charles not only gained the precious friendship of his teammates, but the truth about his father's disappearance was unveiled bit by bit, too...

    Role : Damage/buffs
    Ease of use:
  • Drake

    At first glance, he seems like some horny poser, while he's actually an S level hunter and badass! He might pawn his hunter badge to return gambling debts, but never ever would he go anywhere without his old cowboy hat. Although Charles is just a newbie hunter, Drake thinks the world of him and has helped him out more than a few times. What he sees in this young man, is the reflection of an old friend from times past.

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  • Silver Seeker

    To restore her family's honor, this stiff-upper-lip girl of noble descent has put on her high-tech cloak and went incognito to become the Treasure Society's latest - and most mysterious - star. While solo investigating the truth about Operation TS_07 from 10 years ago, this lonely lady met a young man. Will there be the warmth of love bringing new life to this lonesome, cold planet?

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  • Mary

    When she's Mariko, she is a nerdy, shy archeology student that's trying her best to get her summer school assignments finished in time. But when she's Mary, she turns into a quick-tempered veteran treasure hunter with just the right amount of greedy. As luck would have it, she was rescued by Charles, and has been madly in love ever since. But will Miss Twinsanity's love story pan out smoothly?

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  • Harry

    Harry used to be a successful scientist - and heartless playboy. After he was turned into a baby by his envious competitor, Harry has just started to reconsider his life choices. A 10-months-old baby doctor, Harry is carrying out missions as a treasure hunter in his robot mech, always looking for a way to regain his former self with the power of ancient treasures.

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  • Time: After launch
    Like our FB page for rewards
  • When Facebook subscribers reach 2k, 3k, 5k, 10k, 20k you can claim rewards
  • Seven-day gift event, just login to claim them

    Time: 7 days after launch

    Day 1: Relic Metal*3

    Day 2: Elite fragments*15

    Day 3: Scientific Drawings*1 Meteorite*10

    Day 4: 3 Stars Essences Chest*2

    Day 5: Silver Treasure Map*3

    Day 6: Stardust*3

    Day 7: Purple Treasure Chest*1

  • Levelup for rewards

    Time: After launch

    Lvl.20: Relic Metal*1, Wrenches*4, Silver coins*5k

    Lvl.30: Relic Metal*3, Equipment Fragments*15, Energy Crystal Chest*1, Silver coins*10K

    Lvl.40: Elite Fragments*10, Rare Treasure Shard*50, 2 Stars Essences Chest*2, Silver coins*20K

    Lvl.50: Elite Fragments*15, Epic Treasure Shard*20, Wrenches*60, Silver coins*30K

    Lvl.60: 4 Stars Essences Chest*1, Elite Fragments*20, Wrenches*60, Silver coins*40K

    Lvl.70: Relic Metal*10, Epic Treasure Shard*50, Stardust*3, 3 Stars Essences Chest*1, Silver coins*50K

    Lvl.80: Relic Metal*10, Epic Treasure Chest, Wrenches*150, Stardust*6, 4 Stars Essences Chest*1, Silver coins*60K

  • Time: After launch
    Check-in everyday for rewards
  • First Recharge for Character exclsive elite weapon
  • Cumulative recharge for great reward

    Time: After launch

    300 Diamonds: Weapon Gem*2, Silver coin*100k , Portrait frame*1

    600 Diamonds: Silver Treasure Map*5, Relic Metal*5, Gold*50k

    1000 Diamonds: 3 Stars Essences Chest*1, Technical Drawings*1, Gold*100k

    2000 Diamonds: 4 star Item*1, Gold*100k

    4000 Diamonds: Stardust*8, Technical Drawings*3, Modification Lock*3

    7000 Diamonds: Elite Clothing*1, Skin for Elite Weapon*1,

    10,000 Diamonds: Epic Treasure Jar*1, Epic Treasure Shard*80, Modification Lock*3

    15,000 Diamonds: 6 Star Item*1, Gold*100k

    20,000 Diamonds: Eternal Mead, Legendary Treasure Shard, Gold*100k

  • Time: 7 days after launch

    Be the first on this server to complete Raid in the Ruins, Biochem Crisis and Phantom of the Castle on elite difficulty, you will get the Exclusive Title.

    Raid in the Ruins: Splendor of Fallen Times

    Biochem Crisis: Conqueror of Science

    Phantom of the Castle: Van Hellsing

    Only the first team can get the title, cheer up !


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